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The mission of Akal Security is to be a global leader in the security industry and a trusted partner to our clients, our employees, our communities and our nation.

We strive to strengthen our nation and the world by serving with integrity.


(March 4, 2016) ESPANOLA, NM – The Akal Group announced today that it has hired board member Supreet Singh Manchanda as Chief Executive Officer, continuing the excellent work started by outgoing CEO Matt Branigan. Read More

(September 8, 2015) ESPANOLA, NM – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded Akal Security with its second SAFETY Act Designation, after careful review of Akal Security’s passenger and baggage screening services. Read More

(August 10, 2015) ESPANOLA, NM—The Akal Group, a leading provider of physical security, security consulting and training services, announced today that it has hired Ken Kasprisin as the BD Director of Airport Security Services, effective. Read More

Airport Security Services

Akal understands that uncompromised security  of airport facilities is critical to our national and international security. Akal has extensive Airport Security experience, successfully managing security services for Category X airports since 1999, including Kansas City International Airport, Baltimore Washington International Airport, and Honolulu International Airport. Other airports provided security forces by Akal include Albuquerque Sunport International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and El Paso International Airport.

Diplomacy With Security

While knowledgeable about security threats and experienced in mitigation tactics, Akal is committed to maintaining an airport environment that is secure and pleasant for the general public, airport staff, and flight personnel, through diplomacy with security.

Training Programs

Akal is experienced in designing training for airport security staff, managing large airport security forces, screening passengers with imaging and metal detecting equipment, and responding to incidents and threats.  Akal understands control of access to the Air Operations Area (AOA) of the airport and the critical importance of preventing any unauthorized, unescorted access to the AOA. Intensive concern about unlawful interference with commercial and civil aviation and heightened security alerts has made it necessary for airports and private security companies to address increasing threats and crises. Akal operates in public-private partnership, designing innovative technical solutions, effective training and staffing and deployment of highly qualified and trained security personnel.


Core Purpose and Core Values

Akal is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides the framework for how we conduct ourselves as individuals, and as members of each of our companies.


Code of Business Ethics and Conduct


Core Purpose

We provide critical protection in a threatening world.

Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Humility
  • Getting It Right
  • Customer Focus


Transparency is about being open, honest, and accountable in our performance and practices. We work hard to ensure our actions and methods are readily identifiable. Our transparency doesn’t just make good ethical sense; it makes good business sense, too. We believe it breeds trust and clarity, both of which form the foundation of great teamwork and partnerships.


Humility engenders real confidence. It is based on a quiet skill and expertise, deep knowledge and experience, and the acknowledgment that we are not afraid to ask questions and improve where required. Our commitment to humility means listening before responding and respecting the needs of our clients and employees.

Getting It Right

Our company-wide dedication to “getting it right” means we operate under the belief there is no substitution for diligent and vigorous preparation, meticulous quality control, and strict contract and regulatory compliance. We will get it right the first time or we will work until our obligations are fully met. No excuses, no backtracking, no exceptions. Just solid accountability—and a focus on getting the job done right.


Our goal for each contract is to listen to and focus on the customer. Every client. Every time. Communication is key. Delivery of our promises is critical to our business survival. We don’t want our customers to be complacent about our services—we want them to be impressed. Our vision is to build long-lasting, professional and trusting relationships.